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Travelling Provence

Hit the roads less traveled...



Bonjour! My name is Claire Paris (yes, that's my real name) and I'm a provencal by adoption!

     I was born outside of Paris during the marvelous 80s', from a dad from Champagne and a mum from Burgundy. The perfect blend!

I spent my childhood in the parisian region and moved to Lorraine when I was a teenager. Most of my beloved friends and a part of my family are from there.

     I moved to Provence after two years of tourism study that made me a licensed guide and a 6 year experience acquired in leading companies of the tourism industry. I started my own business in 2013 to share my love for Provence and all the things that make it so special.

     I'm an outgoing and enthusiastic person. I enjoy being outside, I will never miss an opportunity to pat a cat or wear a sundress, I'm amazed by the little things, I devour books (especially biographies), and I'm a biiiiiiiiiiig foodie! Traveling is also a huge passion of mine, hence the career as a tour guide, I suppose!





I want to show you the many beauties of Provence I got to discover over the years, and hopefully you will fall madly in love with it, just like I did! Whether you want to learn about roman history, visit a castle, have a picnic in the lavender fields, take gorgeous pictures to make your friends jealous, I can cater everything to make your vacation the most enjoyable ever.

You will find below an interactive map of Provence as well as ideas of tours for inspiration (if you're scrolling on your phone, let's meet on a computer!).

Everything is completely customizable. I exclusively do private tours. My air-conditioned van can accommodate up to 6 people. All you have to do is hop on and let the magic happen! Feel free to email me so we can discuss the best itinerary possible for your unforgettable experience in Provence!


Private tours &
Tailor made experiences

6 seats

passionate Licensed guide

Pick up at your location


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One of the best preserved roman theaters

Both roman and medieval

Lavender all over!


The Provence of postcards! It's famous for the hilltop villages,  every one of them is perfection, from Gordes, the most famous, to Roussillon, the colorful one. And many other hidden treasures!

The Paris of Provence

Home of Cézanne


The wildest part of Provence! Pink flamingos, white horses and bulls live in the delta of the Rhône river.

Roman heritage, Van Gogh sites and a lot of beauty!

Gorgeous roman heritage

Laid back and beyond charming, craft shops at every corner

THE wine place!


This little chain of mountains has a lot to offer, with charming towns like Saint Rémy de Provence, medieval history with les Baux, and art with Van Gogh!

The tallest roman aqueduct that still exists

Merci Hélène for this adorable map of Provence!

Go check her amazing work as a ceramist!

14th century home of the Popes. Best base to explore Provence! 


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Antic stores and cristal clear river

Need inspiration? Here's a little help!


Meet local producers

Meet local producers

Among the activities you can do during the day, visiting a local producer will certainly be a wonderful experience! Whether we visit a goat farm, a nougat maker, a fig farm or an olive mill, you will leave with a wondeful taste of Provence.

Subject to availability.

pont du gard.jpg

Roman Heritage

Roman Heritage

Combine a day in lovely Provence with a bit of History! What about going to Arles in the morning, have lunch in a cute quaint provencal town and finish the day at Pont du Gard, one of the world's best preserved roman aqueducts? 


Market and Picnic

Market and picnic

Have you ever dreamed of going to a provencal market in the morning, buy all the yummy food there and go for a picnic in the countryside? I can make that dream come true! So pack your prettiest sundress (even you, gentlemen) and get ready to feel like a real provencal!

Picnic equipment provided, food not included. Everyday except Tuesday

sault aurel.jpg

Lavender and Villages

Lavender and villages

Lavender fields are so close to many beautiful places! We can spend the day exploring lovely hilltop villages and make many lavender photo stops along the way.

Available roughly from mid June to mid August.

carrieres soleil.jpg

Van Gogh's footsteps

Van Gogh's life in Provence

The world famous dutch painter spent 2 years in Provence and made his most inspired work there. Follow his footsteps with a visit of his beloved Arles and Saint Rémy de Provence and immerge yourself in an authentic provencal atmosphere.


The best of Provence!

the best of Provence!

Buckle up and let me drive you for a compilation of the best of Provence! If your time in the area is limited, this is the tour you need. We'll go from hilltop villages to beautiful countryside, medieval history and roman sites. The perfect mix of everything Provence has to offer!

Walking tours

Wanna go deep into History? Walking tours might just be what you need! 

Sans titre (1)_edited_edited.png


Avignon has no secrets for me! Are you ready to travel back in time and explore the capital of the catholic world in the 14th century? Let's embark on a journey through History, where you will discover the reasons that led the Pope to leave Rome and choose Avignon over any other place in Europe, and learn about the medieval daily life inside and outside the popes palace. Did you know that pollution was way worse then than it is nowadays? Or that street names are not random?



Arles is the perfect combination of roman heritage, Van Gogh sites and provencal charm! Why was this city so important for the romans that they built monuments you could only find in the most important cities of the Empire? Why did Van Gogh leave Paris and everything behind to live in a city he only had heard of a couple times, and why did he paint so much there? 

Arles also has one of my favorite neighborhoods in all Provence. Fancy a walk there?


These are the starting prices, for up to 6 people, from Avignon and close surroundings.

An extra charge may apply based on your departure place and our destinations.

Gasoline, parking, toll fees are included. 

All the other expenses such as entrance fees, food and drinks, souvenirs, are at your own charge.

Full Day Tour (8 hours)

Half Day Tour (5 hours)




These tours don't require the use of a car. Pick up on request with extra charge.

All the other expenses such as entrance fees, food and drinks, souvenirs, are at your own charge.

Avignon (3 hours)

Arles (3 hours)



Smart tips

Smart tips

First time in Provence? A little lost and confused about where, when, how? Here's a little help to prepare your visit!




    +33781444629 (WhatsApp me!)

Claire Paris

Licensed Guide

Private Driver


Je parle français!


Parlo Italiano!

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"She looks like me, that shows great qualities" - Dad

"She used to torture me when we were kids, but she doesn't do it anymore. I guess she's ok now..." - Sister

"In all objectivity she's the best" - Mum

"Hands down the best granddaughter. As a tour guide I couldn't say" - Grandma

"Meowwwwww" - Cat

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